Welcome to America Adapts!

America Adapts Media is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving awareness on climate change adaptation.  On this site you’ll find the latest news, analysis and stories about how American communities are adapting to climate change from the scientists, experts and policymakers who are making it happen.

Our work can only happen with your support!

America Adapts relies on the support of our listeners and members of the adaptation community. Please consider donating to help us continue to realize our goal of integrating adaptation into the global climate conversation. Our work:

  • Communicates adapation policy and science through interviews with scientists, activists, policy makers and journalists
  • Catalyzes global-scale connections to experts and information on climate adaptation practice and research
  • Enhances the visibility of adaptation research and current solutions to impacts of climate change
  • Builds the essential networks between adaptation professionals and their efforts to maximize the effectiveness and speed of their efforts
  • Broadcasts the challenges presented by adapting to climate change through a variety of media platforms
  • Inspires the public with a message of hope and possibility balanced with an emphasis on the urgent need to make change happen

Enjoy the website, please spread the word, and let’s start adapting!

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