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In episode 53 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with Monsanto’s  Dr. Jeff Seale , Monsanto’s Agricultural Environmental Strategy Lead & Associate Science Fellow. Doug and Jeff cover: acknowledging some of the controversies surrounding Monsanto; Monsanto’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2021; how large corporations can play a leading role in adaptation; big data and climate modeling and how a large corporation can play a role in climate outreach.

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In this Episode:

MONSANTO DOES PARIS– Doug and Jeff discuss Monsanto’s position on climate change and their goal to be carbon neural as a company by 2021.  Jeff also describes the ways they are working with farmers to reduce that sectors’ carbon footprint.

IS MONSANTO ADAPTING? Jeff describes Monsanto’s efforts at adaptation. Doug provides some feedback on additional things they could be doing to be a leader in agricultural adaptation.

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM – Doug discusses some of the controversies surrounding Monsanto and how that might influence their ability to help the agricultural adapt to climate change. Jeff and Doug then discuss the value of Monsanto developing a companywide adaptation plan.

BIG DATA AND CLIMATE CORP – Jeff explains the role of Climate Corporation and big data in land use decisions and how farmers take advantage of this down scaled climate information. Doug suggests ways the conservation sector could benefit from such computing power.

CLIMATE AMBASSADORS – Doug and Jeff discuss Monsanto’s potential role in influencing the more conservative agricultural sector on climate change. There are still deep pockets of climate skepticism in the ag sector and Monsanto has a unique role to influence those attitudes. Doug and Jeff discuss potential outreach opportunities.

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