May 22, 2017

Episode 42: RAND Corporation Adapts to Climate Change Guest: Dr. Benjamin Preston Broadcast May 22, 2017 Episode 42: In episode 42 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with Dr. Benjamin Preston, the Senior Director of the Infrastructure Resilience and Environmental Policy Program at the RAND Corporation. WHAT IS RAND?  Doug and Ben discuss RAND and its Read more…

Australia Adapts

April 14, 2017

Episode 37: Australia Adapts: Climate Change Adaptation Down Under with Dr. Johanna Nalau and Climate Adaptation Expert Donovan Burton Guests: Donovan Burton, Dr. Johanna Nalau Broadcast April 14, 2017 Episode 37: In episode 37 of America Adapts, we kick off the premiere episode of Australia Adapts! Adaptation researcher Dr.Johanna Nalau, Research Fellow from Griffith Read more…


November 22, 2016

Episode 19: Adaptation Consulting with Tribal and Local government partners Guest: Sascha Petersen Broadcast November 22, 2016 Donate to America Adapts! It’s tax deductible. It’s tax deductible.Episode 19: In this episode of America Adapts, I talk with Sascha Petersen, founder and lead of Adaptation International, an Austin, Texas based consulting firm. Sascha talks Read more…

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