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Doug is also available for podcast consulting. If you are considering starting your own podcast, Doug can walk you through all the necessary steps and help you identify your  podcast ‘voice.’  Doug is especially interested in helping non-profit organizations adopt the podcast medium to further their mission goals.



Doug Parsons is available for live, in-person presentations for your conference or private company event/meeting, in 1-hour, half-day or full-day formats.  Doug is an expert in climate change adaptation and can share his insights and experiences talking with the world’s experts in this field on the podcast in a keynote or breakout sessions.  Doug is frequently invited to give keynote address, where he brings his unique style of humor and substance to the emerging topic of climate adaptation.


Doug giving the keynote address at the Victoria Adaptation Summit in Melbourne, Australia.

“We need more people like Doug talking about climate change adaptation! I asked Doug to be a keynote speaker at the 2018 Adaptation Sector Summit, hosted by the Victorian Government. He was a great speaker and manged to combine professionalism, humour and great content to make an interesting speech that had some great ideas on how to modernise the way we communicate with people on climate change. We got great feedback from attendees because of Doug’s talk and I’d be very happy to have him back again.”  Mitchell Neto,  Senior Policy Office at Dep. of Environment, Land ,Water and Planning, Melbourne, Australia

Moderating and Facilitating

Consider booking a professional conference moderator for your conference! When it comes to sessions where panels are used, a skilled (and entertaining) moderator can make all the difference.  You have already devoted a lot of time to finding the right keynote speaker but it’s just as important to get your panels right through an effective moderator.


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