A podcast is audio that is streamed and distributed over the internet. Podcasts can be talk shows, interviews, lectures, novels or well, just about anything you can put in audio format!

The advantage of listening to a podcast is that listeners (you!) can download the audio whenever they want, instead of something like radio, which is generally played at a specific time of day. People can discover audio at anytime, which also allows the listener to download old episodes, whenever they want.

This is important:  as a podcast listener,you can subscribe to a show and then episodes will download automatically to your device. My hope is that you will subscribe to America Adapts! The most common podcast players are iTunes and Stitcher, but there are lots of different ways to listen. Overwhelmingly, most people get their podcasts through iTunes.

So if you do use iTunes, use their podcast app.  Search for “America Adapts” and hit subscribe. The iphone app is below. Click it and it takes you to a site that can take you, with visuals, step by step through this process.

If you are using an Android device, the folks over at the Serial podcast have a great, simple explanation on how to do this! Just click the android logo below.

Or if all this is too confusing, but you still want to learn more, just email me at americaadapts@gmail.com.  Thanks!

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