Adaptation and Transformational Change: The Kresge Foundation Explores the State of Climate Adaptation with Susanne Moser and Lois DeBacker

In episode 69 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks about the current state of adaptation with Lois DeBacker of the Kresge Foundation and adaptation researcher Dr. Susanne Moser.  The Kresge Foundation recently released their report, Rising to the Challenge, Together and Doug, Lois and Susanne dig into the report’s finding Read more…

Natural Disasters

September 25, 2016

Episode 11: Disaster Management meets Climate Adaptation Guest: Samantha Montano Broadcast September 25, 2016   Episode 11: In this episode, host Doug Parsons speaks with doctoral student Samantha Montano, a “Disasterologist”, an expert in emergency management.  Samantha also blogs on this subject at her web  Samantha recently published a news article Read more…

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