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In episode 54 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons attends the 2017 American Association of Landscape Architects conference in Los Angeles.  In this episode, we discover the burgeoning role of landscape architects in adaptation planning. Doug talks with a wide swath of landscape architects, from living legend Martha Schwartz, to young graduate students just entering the field, gearing up to dedicate themselves to addressing climate change.  Listen in to some of the leading voices in this sector and their insights and advice on how landscape architecture as a field can step up to the challenge of adaptation.

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Guests in this episode (time location in episode):

  1. Ellen Stewart, Landscape Architect, City of St. Paul (2:34)
  2. Vaughn Rinner, President, ASLA (4:33)
  3. Kristina Hill, Professor, University of Berkeley, California (9:57)
  4. Deanna Lynn, Graduate Student, Landscape Architecture (22:02)
  5. Martha Schwartz, Harvard University and Martha Schwartz Partners (24:29)
  6. Eric Gilbert, CEO, Anova (37:11)
  7. Brad McKee, Editor, Landscape Architecture Magazine (42:50)
  8. Jason Bingham, Landscape Architect (55:33)
  9. Barbara Deutsch, Landscape Architecture Foundation (57:58)
  10. Matt Alcide, Land 8 (1:11:47)
  11. Stephanie V. Landregan, Director, UCLA Extension (1:15:12)
  12. April Philips, April Philips Design Work (1:18:43)
  13. Leslie Johnson, Graduate Student, Landscape Architecture (1:25:03)
  14. Pamela Conrad, CMG Landscape Architecture (1:27:45)

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In this Episode:

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE – Doug discovers what this field really does and its critical role in the ever expanding adaptation universe.

SUSTAINABILITY VS ADAPTATION– Landscape architects have been a leading voice in sustainability, but Doug and his guests discuss the differences between sustainability and adaptation.

TOOLS AND RESOURCES – Doug and his guests discuss some of the emerging tools in landscape architecture to address climate change impacts.

NEXT GENERATION – A recurring theme in these interviews is whether landscape architecture schools are providing students with the skills needed to be adaptation professionals.


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Links in episode:
New Landscape Declaration Book by The Landscape Architecture Foundation
Conversation with Kate Orff

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